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Welcome to the Müller Academy

A lifetime of learning for a secure future

MÜLLER stands for practical orientation and the associated knowledge in terms of product utilisation. The required skill levels are continually rising due to the complexity of the products and the process-related needs of the customer.

We at MÜLLER respond to growing customer and market demands by firmly anchoring the dissemination of knowledge into our company policy.

Anyone who stops learning is old,
whether at twenty or eighty”
(Henry Ford)


Qualified staff and skilled employees etc.

The liquid waste disposal sector performs a wide range of tasks. In addition to our traditional application of sewer cleaning, our products perform a range of other highly interesting industrial applications.

The people using the technology in these applications need the right skills and know-how to deliver optimum results in terms of quality and productivity. Apprenticeships for pipe, sewer and industrial service engineers are available for our sector in the spirit of "shaping the future of the environment with new environmental engineering occupations”. Training programmes for skilled employees are also provided in these occupations.

We would like to supplement these interesting training opportunities with our own courses for drivers, operators and technicians, or for example leak detection courses, and to provide comprehensive technical information.

Find out more about our current course portfolio here!