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Taking Future responsibility

We contribute to a sustainable future by accepting social responsibility. Our involvement in economic, ecological and social projects is a reflection of our values and our corporate culture.


Our objective: to safeguard the quality of the environment

Research and development are two of our top priorities and numerous patents underline our innovative spirit.

We have developed a great many products and solutions over the past seventy years that help people to use energy efficiently, to save space, time and costs, and to apply new processes and materials. We were an early adopter of resource-conserving liquid waste disposal concepts and have consistently implemented them in our products and solutions.


Our objective: green production!

We are committed to the economical and prudent use of natural resources.

Our buildings are heated with both conventional energy and waste heat. The photovoltaic systems on our factory roofs generate solar energy for us. Our economical use of compressed air for mechanical engineering applications as well as our material recycling programme help to protect the environment.

Since 2020, we have operated an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 to underline and further expand this approach.

Social responsibility

Responsibility for family and society

We assume social responsibility by driving the solid growth of our business to create secure jobs.

Our apprenticeships prepare young individuals for their chosen careers. We offer lifelong learning opportunities through education and training programmes, as well as family-friendly work-time models to our employees. We are also involved in social projects outside the company, for example by supporting selected charity organisations and providing sponsorship in the areas of art, culture and sport.

Commitment based on conviction

We are an internationally operating, family-owned business with a strong commitment to social and ethical standards. Our corporate culture is based on trust, transparency, reliability and fairness towards customers, business associates and our employees.

To ensure that we always act in accordance with those principles, we have set them down in a code of conduct. This supports and guides us in our day to day work and helps us to overcome the increasingly complex challenges associated with globalisation.

Our compliance policy is binding for all MÜLLER employees and it applies to our in-house activities, our global business activities and also to our dealings with the general public, government agencies and institutions.


Certified manufacturer

An effective quality management system contributes to the long-term security of any modern manufacturing enterprise.

We are well aware of this and consequently obtained DIN EN ISO 9001 certification back in 1997 following a year of intensive preparation.

The primary objectives of our quality management system are the needs-based development and manufacture of commercial vehicles coupled with the ongoing optimisation of our product-related services in line with the customers’ interests.

Experience has shown us that quality and innovation excellence make an important contribution to a company’s success.

Our network

We are member of:

  • VAK (Verband der Arbeitsgeräte und Kommunalfahrzeugindustrie e.V.)
  • BDE (Bund Deutscher Entsorger e.V.)
  • VDRK (Verband Deutscher Rohr- und Kanalreiniger e.V.)
  • VBS (Verband Bayerischer Städtereinigungsbetriebe e.V.)
  • ATV (Abwassertechnische Vereinigung e.V.)
  • Güteschutz Kanalbau
  • DIHT Umweltauschuss
  • AGV (Arbeitgeberverband Lippe)