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MÜLLER Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG has set up a system for you to report violations of Union law.

For such a report, we have set up the option below to provide information on potential violations anonymously or by name. We will review and investigate each report. We treat every report confidentially.

An important pillar of the whistleblower system is the principle of fair proceedings. The presumption of innocence applies to those affected until the violation is proven. In addition, we assure you that you will not suffer any disadvantage, provided you have made the report to the best of your knowledge and belief and you have not yourself violated applicable law.

You can decide for yourself whether and which of your contact details you provide below. If you decide to provide feedback and enter your contact details, you will shortly receive feedback on the receipt of your tip under the contact details you entered. Within three months you will receive information from us about the handling of your tip and any measures taken.


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