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The task:

To cope with constant cost pressure, companies specialising in waste disposal require a modern fleet of vehicles at all times. Should essential repairs or maintenance become necessary, then these outages must be kept to a minimum.

How can aims such as:

  • increasing service security
  • minimising repair risks
  • foreseeable costs
  • better resale value
  • early detection of wear problems

be achieved efficiently?


Our solution:

To resolve this difficult task, specialised firms rely heavily on reliable partners whom they can trust to give them the necessary support. At MÜLLER, we are prepared for this and have access to the necessary technical, personnel and operational capacities.

The provision of services to our customers already begins at the production stage with high-quality manufacturing and materials as well as the use of sensory systems that protect vehicles from potential damage.

By focusing on preventive maintenance and proactive service, our After-Sales Technical Services have the capability to maintain vehicles in good technical condition. As a result, our specialist customers will be rewarded with very low levels of downtime for their vehicles even after years of service in severe conditions.

To achieve this, it is necessary to replace vehicle parts that are subject to wear and tear at the right time, which means precisely when the life of these parts is about to expire, and not just when the fault occurs. Our extensive experience and systematic analysis of failed parts help us to determine when normal service time has expired and which parts should be changed before unexpected failures upset our customers’ work schedules.

We hold large stocks of essential spare parts in order to provide a rapid and positive reaction to potential key component failures, relating for example to high-pressure or vacuum pumps. Thanks to these stocks and the extensive experience of our shipping department, we are able to dispatch the most important components of our modular system within a few hours. In addition, our highly trained fitters ensure quick and professional installation of these components in close collaboration with customers.


We keep your trucks running!

Since we don’t know when or where our technicians will be needed next, we have set up a mobile technical support team which is responsible for on-site repair of any breakdown or faults - this in addition to the facilities existing in our main factory workshop. And should that not be sufficient, we offer our customers a close service network of competent national and international workshops providing rapid after-sales service.

In case one of our workshops doesn’t respond immediately to a client, we always retain a service capacity that allows us to deal promptly with urgent repairs. The same applies for regular checking of high-pressure equipment and pressure vessels, or crane inspections, which take place in our facilities to reduce the immobilisation period of vehicles to a minimum.

But what happens in the event of accidents, technical conversions or major repairs? To cater for such requirements, we have established facilities for carrying out complex technical work based on competent teams of vehicle constructors and service workers working together. Since these jobs require close collaboration with engineering, we aim to give priority to dealing with repairs quickly while completing the required order process and documentation.

Minor problems that can occur due to the large number of components installed in a waste collection vehicle – for example in the hydraulic system, the pneumatic system or the control system - can be solved with a call to our technical assistance hotline. Skilled operators are responsible for addressing all questions related to troubleshooting, ordering spare parts, sending a technician, or counselling in an after-sales workshop where our specialists professionally demonstrate the job in question. If our customers are happy, then we happy!

Another important aspect of our ServiceWorld is the permanent integration of our staff in research and development. We analyse all internal reports regarding damage to the vehicles and use the findings to incorporate better-quality components and parts in new-generation vehicles. This maximises the active operating time of MÜLLER superstructures and assures improved future revenues under increasingly severe and competitive conditions.

And last but not least, a high return on resale is achieved through intensive quality assurance during routine servicing.

You can count on us - our service is top!


Our service - your benefit:

  • 24/7 availability around the clock
  • Freecall service hotline
  • Quick decisions
  • Help in all vehicle handling matters
  • Large stock of spare parts
  • schnelle und termingerechte Lieferung der Ersatzteile
  • Approximately 95% of parts in stock
  • Highly qualified technical staff
  • High repair time flexibility
  • Complex changes in the superstructure possible
  • Competent support, even for other manufacturers’ products
  • Dealer workshops near you
  • Increased return on resale of your vehicle through regular maintenance
  • Extended warranty through maintenance contracts