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Apprenticeship: German Craft Skills Championship

Our former apprentice Maximilian Pott was honoured for his outstanding performance in his final examination by the District Chamber of Crafts on 9 September 2023 at the Kolping Vocational Training Centre in Brakel.

Max began his apprenticeship as a metalworker specialising in commercial vehicle construction at MÜLLER on 1 August 2019 and completed it in spring 2023. He enjoyed taking part in training fairs and telling interested applicants about his apprenticeship at MÜLLER. After completing his training, Maximilian worked as a vehicle builder at the plant.

Maximilian completed his final examination with particular success and will be the first chamber winner to represent the East Westphalia-Lippe Chamber of Crafts in Bielefeld at the German Crafts Championships in 2023. At the award ceremony on 12 October 2023 at the Bielefeld Chamber of Crafts, the Campus Handwerk, it was also announced that Maximilian Pott is not only the chamber winner, but also the state winner in the North Rhine-Westphalia state competition.

On 28.10.2023, the award ceremony took place in the Parktheater Iserlohn. The best young tradespeople in over 80 trades were selected and honoured at the North Rhine-Westphalia state competition ceremony in collaboration with trade associations and guilds. By winning the state competition, Max qualified for the German championship. By qualifying for the German Championships, he has thus earned another chance to demonstrate his skills. So it remains exciting.

Maximilian is looking forward to learning from older and more experienced colleagues from Team MÜLLER and utilising their knowledge for his future career. His future goals are to grow through the daily challenges in the company and to continuously develop his skills.

When asked about his training, he says: "I've always had a lot of fun. Here at MÜLLER in particular, you get lots of opportunities to develop and learn a lot. You just have to have a certain amount of self-motivation and all doors in the company are open to you!"

The entire MÜLLER team congratulates Maximilian on his excellent training results!

Photo: Joschua Kuffner / MÜLLER Umwelttechnik 2023

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