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DataControl workshop in Würzburg/Biebelried on 31.1.2018.

The MU-COCKPIT is the central component of modern sewer cleaning vehicles. It is a control unit that simplifies the operator’s work in performing switch, regulating, control and documentation functions. When the MU-COCKPIT was introduced, MÜLLER achieved a quantum leap in terms of safety, ergonomics and efficiency in the operation of complex sewer cleaning vehicles. Our workshop in Biebelried on 31 January 2018 provided participants with insights into the development history of the MU-COCKPIT and an informative comparison of conventional and modern control units.

The main topic covered in this workshop was DataControl, an integrated documentation system that runs as a software app on the MU-COCKPIT, documenting sewer cleaning data with hose length measurement and speed control of the high-pressure jetting hose.

More than 30 people attended the workshop to hear product manager Dirk Beckmann provide an illustrative and practical demonstration of the functions and operation of DataControl. He explained the execution and administration of jetting operations in detail and highlighted the automatic collection of jetting data with the assistance of a simulation.

In the past, all data on jetting jobs was administered using an Excel spreadsheet. The second part of the workshop focused on connecting DataControl to the mobile administration and analysis system, IKAS MÜLLER Cleaner by IBAK, which can also be used to fully integrate cleaning data in existing GIS systems. Reflecting the longstanding collaboration between the two premium manufactures, MÜLLER and IBAK, Thomas Evers from IBAK presented the IKAS MÜLLER Cleaner which had been specifically developed for data sharing with DataControl.

The workshop began on 30 January 2018 with a get-together at a local pub, where the representatives of local authorities, service providers and engineering firms had the opportunity to chat about documentation and share their experiences. Thanks to everyone for coming along to the workshop!

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