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Future-congress for digitisation & automation

Berlin, 15th and 16th November 2018

Digitisation is beginning to affect all sectors, and the changes are also becoming clearly noticeable in the waste management industry. The internet allows businesses to gain direct access to consumers. Web portals are already offering new and individual possibilities for waste disposal. So, what are the challenges that digitisation will bring to the waste disposal sector? How can wider coverage be achieved in digital business? And what does Silicon Germany have in store for us?

Artificial intelligence no longer just consists of abstract algorithms that are only of interest to scientists. In waste management, for example, "intelligent" presses help with the processing of waste. The urgent requirement for environmentally friendly mobility solutions in German cities means that the number of electrically-driven vehicles on the roads is steadily increasing. The future of the waste disposal industry lies in fully electric disposal vehicles and autonomous compact sweepers. CO² limits for heavy commercial vehicles could possibly provide another solution. The planned Clean Vehicle Directive 2009/33 EG will already bring significant changes in terms of the procurement of new vehicles.

These issues were addressed at the congress, and future developments in the waste management industry were highlighted. They touched on the very nature and the challenges of digitization and included digital business and new innovative internet ideas, automated and electrically-driven waste management vehicles as well as the possible impact of currently planned sustainable mobility directives.

The future-congress was organised by Bernd Sackmann, Managing Director of the German Association of the Work Equipment and Municipal Vehicle Industry e.V. (VAK), and Dr. Armin Vogel, CEO of the German Recycling Technologies and Waste Management Partnership e.V. (RETech).

The keynote speakers on both days were Christoph Keese, Vice-President of Axel Springer SE, and Marko Gustke of the German Automotive Industry Association e.V. (VDA). In this context, Managing Director Wolfgang G. Müller spoke about Sewer Cleaning 4.0 with reference to the VAK Innovation Award 2018, about the MÜLLER’s MU-COCKPIT and about how sewer cleaning vehicles can become an integral part of the digital business process.

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