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New look for the product segment “Operating Systems & Apps”

Schieder-Schwalenberg/Lippe, 05.12.2019

It’s a matter of having the right software strategy!

Digitisation has long been making its mark in the field of mobile machinery. The objective is to create added value in operating and servicing such machinery, and to support existing business processes or even to develop new ones.

With regard to Industry 4.0, as a vehicle manufacturer it became clear to us at an early stage that there is a massive technological requirement for action to satisfy this hidden potential. We therefore considered this at a very early stage in order to set the process in motion and reorganise ourselves from a technological point of view. Concepts were subsequently developed and measures taken with the objective of mastering tomorrow’s challenges with confidence.

Since last year, the necessary framework has been available in the form of our new Operating Systems & Apps product segment.

We are very pleased to have acquired our new colleague, Jan Schröder, as team leader for software sales for the Operating Systems & Apps product segment. In his function as project consultant in the software sector, Mr. Schröder has already gained extensive experience in various projects concerned with the introduction of business management software, thus enabling him to develop a high level of expertise regarding the integration of software into existing business processes as well as the optimisation of business processes.

Since joining our company on 01.07.2019, Mr. Schröder has been active in supporting our customers on general topics around MU-COCKPIT, focusing especially on ergonomics, efficiency and work safety, and also especially on the subject of order management with the well-established DataControl documentation and order management system.

In addition to our role as supplier of hardware and software solutions for our own purpose-built wet-waste disposal vehicles, MÜLLER Umwelttechnik also sees itself as providing a link between our customers and engineering offices, for example when it comes to integrating vehicle or cleaning data into an already existing GIS system, or one that still needs to be defined.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the general operation of MU-COKPIT or any specific functions, or if you are seeking advice in terms of your future software strategy. Mr. Schröder will be pleased to help you:

Jan Schröder
Team Leader, Software Sales & Technical Training 

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