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Retired after 49 years!

Wolfgang Ridder joined the former company Kanal-Müller, Julius Müller, on 01.08.1970 and trained to be a technical draftsman. Since then he has experienced almost five decades of change and growth of the family business in Schwalenberg. Wolfgang Ridder always stood out for his prudent approach and strong resilience, becoming an excellent specialist in the technical office in the course of his professional career.

During his time at MÜLLER, major international orders were received from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand as well as from the German Bundeswehr. Mr. Ridder was always highly regarded by his colleagues and also by our customers. His technical advice was often required, and his strong commitment has helped MÜLLER Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG to successfully achieve its position today in the international market.

Our managing directors, Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Wolfgang G. Müller and Dr. Volkwin Müller, would like to thank Wolfgang Ridder for his loyal service during his long career at MÜLLER and wish him all the very best for his retirement.

(Illustrated from left to right: W.G. Müller, Wolfgang Ridder, Dr. V. Müller)


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