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Sewer cleaning 4.0 with the MU-COCKPIT from MÜLLER

With the introduction of the MU-COCKPIT - an electronic operator terminal for modern sewer cleaning vehicles - MÜLLER has succeeded in preparing their products for digital operation in order to streamline their customers' business processes. This means the vehicles are ‘industry 4.0-ready’ right from the start. As a specialist supplier of liquid waste disposal vehicles, MÜLLER has successfully taken the first major step in digitalising its business sector.

The MU-COCKPIT offers numerous usage options and gives the vehicle operator optimum support in carrying out the various work processes. It provides a constant flow of helpful information, controls and regulates the entire underlying process technology and pre-empts potential problems or damage at an early stage. This allows the vehicle operator to concentrate on his primary task of cleaning the sewers. 

Aspects such as ergonomics, occupational safety and resource efficiency play an important role in these processes. At the same time, operating data for both the physical and digital processing of the cleaning operations is recorded and processed. The sewer cleaning vehicle thus becomes an integral part of the digital business process.

Documentation, evaluation and optimisation - these are the key aspects required to boost the efficiency of a sewer cleaning vehicle. The work processes produce a large amount of data that is useful for process optimisation and controlling. MU-COCKPIT enables you to retrieve this data at any time and for any purpose. Whether you need it to simplify processes, to make quality assurance and automatic performance documentation more transparent, or to raise productivity, reduce operating costs, increase vehicle availability or to optimise fleet management - MÜLLER´s selected apps are there to assist you.

Communication without media disruptions is becoming increasingly important in the sewer cleaning industry. This applies equally to the operators of sewer networks and to the sewer cleaning companies. As technology leader in liquid waste vehicles, it is very important for us to be able to digitally integrate our products into a customers’ process landscape – a process that starts with the configuration and production of our vehicles. Digital images of the products are essential in accomplishing this task.

Last but not least, the MU-COCKPIT has recently won an award at the IFAT 2018 in Munich, the world´s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. Helmut Schmeh, President of the Municipal Vehicles and Equipment Industry Association (VAK), announced the award winners together with Christian Rocke, the Messe München project group leader, at the VAK promotional ‘Trucks in Action’ outdoor area on the first day of the IFAT trade fair.

With this award, our aim is to continue taking on the urban challenges and thus maintain and improve people's quality of life. We therefore look forward to many new, forward-looking developments and stimulating suggestions as well as professional discussions", says Bernd Sackmann, Managing Director of VAK.

"We are very proud to have received this award from a panel of top-class professionals. It shows that our thinking on occupational safety, ergonomics and efficiency is on the right track. The award is a handsome tribute especially to our employees, whose dedication and passion for this product has made it a success", said the two managing directors of MÜLLER Umwelttechnik, Dr. Volkwin Müller and Wolfgang G. Müller.

MÜLLER had previously received an award in 2016 for the unique HELICOPTER boom system.

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