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Efficient leak detection systems


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The MU-CHECKMASTER is a built-in module for all relevant test processes, for use with the MU-PipeControl Eco computerised leak detection system. Leak detection tests can be implemented on domestic drains, sewers and specific pipe sections. Pipe connectors (sleeves) and shafts can also be tested for leaks.

Vehicle types

  • Built into a truck or as a trailer version
  • Can also be built into small flushing vehicles, TV inspection and renovation vehicles


  • Testing of drainpipes and sewers for leaks
  • Optionally also testing of shafts and inspection chambers for leaks


  • Computerised leak detection unit
  • Stainless steel water pressure system
  • Plastic water tank
  • Compressed air unit consisting of a compressor with air reservoir, side channel vacuum pump and compactor
  • Location-independent power supply via mobile generator
  • Test device as 19” plug-in unit
  • Shaft winch
  • Air and water as test medium
  • Windows-based software with simple menus
  • Suitable for use on construction sites
  • One-man operation (without any need to enter the shaft)
  • Diverse work surfaces and drawers
  • Multi-colour ATV standard-compliant test report
  • Easy to operate
  • Various stopping devices
  • Combinable with small flushing vehicles and/or TV inspection vehicles

MU-Domestic Connection Testing Unit for seal testing of connection pipes and sewer pipelines to DIN EN 1610 standards, test medium water and/or air

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In order for a pipeline to be tested it must be sealed off at both ends. This can be achieved using stopping equipment from MÜLLER. But how can a domestic connection, which is only accessible from the inspection shaft, be sealed off at both ends in order to carry out seal-testing operations using air or water as a test medium?

To solve this problem, we have developed the MU Domestic Connection Testing Unit. With this testing unit it is possible to seal off previously inaccessible connection pipe and sewer pipeline openings in order to carry out seal-testing operations.

Along with the MU PipeControl Eco, the MU Domestic Connection Testing Unit rounds off our programme of seal-testing equipment. This enables sewage plant operators, private disposal companies and civil engineers to carry out any required seal-testing operations relating to sewer-drainage pipelines.

The MU Domestic Connection Testing Unit, including its complete range of accessories for seal testing to DIN EN 1610 standards with air or water as the testing medium, is available in the standard version for pipe diameters of DN 125-150 mm.

Further sizes: DN 100 mm, DN 200 mm und DN 300 mm.

MU-MP Pneumatic MU-Joint Seal-Testing Equipment

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[Translate to Englisch:] Packer (Rausch)

The problem:

Sectional seal testing of sewer pipelines, particularly with large dimensional pipelines, demands extensive test work. It is advantageous to be able to seal-test the pipelines on site, at the joints. This can also be an advantage in the inaccessible areas when building new pipelines.

How can we solve this problem?

Our solution:

We are able to supply the specialists assigned to pipeline seal-testing with the ideal joint seal-testing equipment for every dimension of pipeline. Our patented tandem seal, with integrated testing chamber (from DN 600 mm diameter), allows an especially light and easily partitioned construction which can be pressurised and tested using air or water.

Your benefit:

  • Comparatively low level of testing effort with immediate damage localisation
  • With new builds, immediate recognition of any leakage avoids follow-up costs
  • Flexibility with the choice of air or water as a testing medium

Pneumatic MU-Joint Seal-Testing Equipment: product range

  • MU-Joint Seal-Testing Equipment Type MU-MP for all circular profiles
  • MU-Joint Seal-Testing Equipment Type MU-MP Ei for all egg-shaped profiles
  • MU-MP for all open-mouthed profiles
  • Specific profiles on request

Available sizes:

  • DN 700 mm - DN 3000 mm
  • further sizes on request

Practical applications

  • Factory joint testing
  • Pipeline building
  • Sewer inspection
  • Leakage identification in joint areas

MU-PipeControl Eco sewer seal-testing unit

[Translate to Englisch:] Kanaldichtheitsprüfeinheit MU-PipeControl Eco

The MU-PipeControl Eco belongs to the MÜLLER family of seal-testing systems and is used for the seal testing of drainage sewers using (primarily) air as the test medium. It has numerous applications ranging from domestic connections to large drainage sewers. The MU-Pipe Control Eco offers a fully automatic computer-controlled test process for seal testing to DIN EN 1610 standards and ATV-M143 Part 6.

Consequently, all testing procedures can be carried out with this unit. The complete test process is controlled and documented by special seal-testing software, ending up with a test protocol suitable for printing on all standard printers. The print-outs can be produced spontaneously on the building site, or subsequently in the office.

Optionally, the MU-PipeControl Eco is available as a 19” plug-in unit which can be integrated into the user’s existing TV inspection vehicles.

Product features:

  • Compact and portable transport case
  • Data storage in operator’s laptop
  • User-friendly test software
  • Conveniently arranged test and socket connections
  • All connections and switch elements protected for transport in case cover
  • Upgrade possible (with additional equipment) for seal testing with water as the test medium as well as shaft and separation testing
  • Measurements W x D x H: 547 x 559 x 242 mm
  • Weight: 13 kg


[Translate to Englisch:] MU-Schacht
[Translate to Englisch:] Schachtprüfung

MU-Schacht is primarily for use when testing shaft (German: Schacht) and inspection chambers using water as the test medium.

MU-Schacht is a fully functional measurement system which is suitable for laptop application or for use as an extension to the established test systems MU Luftprüfkoffer (air testing case), MU PipeControl or MU Testmaster. The system can exactly quantify minimal loss amounts and therefore fulfils the requirements of
DIN EN 1610 and ATV M 143 part 6.

A further area of application is the seal testing of separation units in accordance with DIN 1999-100. Our measurement system has been registered by the LGA in Würzburg.

It is generally recommended that the seal testing of shafts should primarily be undertaken as a water-pressure test. In line to the test procedure, the shaft is filled with water and, using a measuring probe, any reduction in filling level is measured and the actual loss due to leakage is determined over the test period.

Measurement principle: Measurement of pressure loss at the surface level of the water with a measurement accuracy of 0.2 % of the final measurement value e.g. 0.04 mbar for 20 mbar

Product features:

  • Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 1000 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Mobility: portable tripod with stand adjustable by winding
  • Suitable for building sites
  • User-friendly test software