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The data terminal is second to none in terms of documentation and efficient invoicing. All cleaning assignments can be documented with the help of this vehicle-integrated system, including quick and easy billing directly on site.

Electronic logbook

Do something good and write it down! Fully developed equipment and well-trained personnel are basic requirements for high-quality work. Quality work should be properly documented.

The more detailed information you can give the customer regarding the work carried out, the more plausible the representation of the work becomes. It’s in your hands to be able to use automatically recorded operational data for such purposes.

The data terminal is perfectly aligned to SpeedControl. All the data delivered by SpeedControl can be fully automatically collected and documented. All that is then required is to enter the customer details, after which the information can be transposed onto a pdf document with a time stamp.

The document is then filed on a USB stick, facilitating the further transfer of the information. Alternatively, the data can be filed on an Excel sheet on the stick, enabling further analysis concerning the vehicle operation.

Product features

  • Display of total length of hose available (also after shortening)
  • Display of actual length of entry hose (reeled out)
  • Display of amount of hose remaining on hose reel
  • Display of daily line and jetting lengths
  • Display of total line lengths and jetting lengths
  • Non-contact and wear-free compilation of jetting hose lengths
  • Automatic calibration of total available hose length, including after shortening
  • Safety cut-off when reeling out before end of hose on reel
  • Safety cut-off when reeling in before reaching zero position of the hose length measurement
  • Selection of reel in/out speed of the jetting hose
  • Automatic regulation of pre-selected reel in/out speed
  • Non-contact and wear-free detection of reel in/out speed of the jetting hose
  • Display of hose reel in/out speed in m/min
  • Generating, editing, storing and deleting of cleaning jobs
  • Import of cleaning jobs from Excel or text file via USB memory stick
  • Import von Reinigungsaufträgen aus der IBAK-Reinigungssoftware IKAS Cleaner über USB-Stick oder WLAN
  • Import of cleaning jobs from the IBAK cleaning software IKAS Cleaner via USB memory stick or Wifi
  • Automatic documentation and display of the jetting data of all cleaned lines and all lines still to be cleaned
  • Documentation of vehicle position with reference to an online map service for display in the office
  • Manual entry of cleaning job specific data, as necessary
  • Storage of jetting data as PDF file on a USB memory stick
  • Storage of jetting data as Excel or text file on a USB memory stick
  • Import of jetting data into the IBAK cleaning software IKAS Cleaner via USB memory stick or Wifi