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Easy to handle

Sewer cleaning vehicles are technically very complex machines and their components need to be perfectly coordinated. Vehicle operation should be as easy as possible so that the vehicle operator can concentrate on the job of cleaning the sewers. However, we are not proposing that functionality should give way to flexibility. The MU-COCKPIT plays an important part in this.

Just like a smartphone

We asked ourselves what tomorrow’s sewer cleaning vehicles should look like. Experts will often give you a very complicated answer. But if one takes a look at the development of user interfaces in customer-oriented markets such as the automotive, telecommunications or online sectors, then the solution becomes clear: Simplicity is the trump card!


Focus on functionality

Indeed, vehicle operation will become easier and safer. MU-COCKPIT offers you all the information and functional options you need for each individual work process. But you can still access the entire information base at any time - which gives you optimum flexibility!

Help is at hand!

Even with simplified operating procedures, sewer cleaning still remains a demanding task - especially when such aspects as cleaning quality, efficiency and work safety compete with each other. Our objective is to give the vehicle operator the best possible support, which is why we have developed the MU-COCKPIT.

Efficient and uncomplicated

Documentation, evaluation and optimisation - these are the key aspects required to boost the efficiency of a sewer cleaning vehicle. The work processes produce a large amount of data that is useful for process optimisation and controlling. MU-COCKPIT enables you to retrieve this data at any time and for any purpose. 

Whether you need it to simplify processes, to make quality assurance and automatic performance documentation more transparent, or to raise productivity, reduce operating costs, increase vehicle availability or to optimise fleet management - our selected MÜLLER Apps are there to assist you.

Modular extensibility!

You can extend your smartphone’s functionalities whenever you like. So why not do it in connection with a sewer cleaning vehicle?

You only need the basic version of MU-COCKPIT and you’ll have access to a constantly increasing number of MÜLLER Apps that cover a whole variety of operating, information and communication needs.

The freely interchangeable modules can be easily modified through an upgrade service, keeping you up to date and allowing you to meet any future demands on your sewer cleaning vehicle.

Everything fits together!

MU-COCKPIT combines all the relevant aspects. Its basic functions give you full control of the vehicle. You always know exactly what is happening and can keep everything under control with just one screen.

Additional modules such as our widely accepted SpeedControl or DataControl can also be integrated, camera signals (e.g. from nozzle cams) or future software modules can be easily added without affecting the overall clarity. And the requirement for a second screen in the cab would not present us with a problem.

Rapid assistance!

To deal with questions or problems, a help button is provided that facilitates a smooth changeover for alternating or new personnel. Any faults or failures are displayed and recorded to speed up corrective action.

In addition to easily understandable fault descriptions, trouble-shooting instructions are displayed for faults as they arise - guided assistance at its best!

Perfect networking

Your sewer cleaning vehicle is fully integrated and digitally networked with your operating processes in line with the configuration of the equipment. Wherever you are, you can access the information you need, whether in your office, in the vehicle or at home - even on your smartphone!

And MU-COCKPIT is only one of several operating options for your sewer cleaning vehicle. For example, radio and cable remote control are also perfectly aligned to the vehicle’s functions; as one of several operating options, they also form a harmonious combination with MU-COCKPIT.