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The cleaning task

Sewer systems regularly experience problems with debris, deposits and blockages of all kinds. As a result, high pressure jetting vehicles for sewer and pipe cleaning are now an integral aspect of any basic sewer maintenance regime. Since pipes and sewers come in a wide variety of diameters, to be able to clean them properly the pump capacity and jets must be optimally adapted to the specific requirements.

Our products are capable of cleaning and high-pressure jetting applications such as:

  • Cleaning of pipes and sewers with a nominal diameter of up to DN 150
  • Cleaning of sewers with a nominal diameter of up to DN 800
  • Cleaning of large ducts with a nominal diameter greater than DN 800
  • Cleaning of ducts in landfills and culverts
  • Industrial cleaning applications
  • Special applications

Our solution

The JETMASTER high pressure jetting vehicle delivers impressive performance. Although combined suction and jetting vehicles are in more widespread use, high pressure jetting vehicles make sound commercial sense for applications where it is necessary to use separate jetting and suction vehicles for organisational reasons.

Flushing large-diameter pipes and sewers containing a substantial amount of debris requires a high water throughput. The JETMASTER has different tank sizes and stable winches with hoses of an adequate length to ensure cost-effective operation.

Different pipe cross-sections naturally result in different degrees of debris accumulation. Not everything can be completely flushed away with water, which is why the JETMASTER is equipped with a whole range of tools including special jets, robust cutters and root cutters to achieve convincing cleaning results. Furthermore, pipelines that are used for industrial applications can become encrusted over time. To overcome such problems, the JETMASTER is equipped with a special jet that targets stubborn encrustations with high-pressure water jets.

In addition to pipe and sewer cleaning, the JETMASTER is suitable for a number of other commercial applications including cleaning roads, pavements and other suitable areas, as well as tank cleaning and concrete renovation.

Each vehicle is equipped according to the customer’s specific requirements from a range of special fittings and extra equipment – which means that very few JETMASTERS are completely identical!

The JETMASTER can be used all year round, with or without full trim, insulation and heating.

Key functions can be remotely controlled from a safe distance to protect personnel from potential work- and traffic-related hazards. Remote control via cable or wireless also makes one-man operation possible.


  • Conventional plunger pump
  • Ultra-high-pressure pump (for industrial cleaning)
  • Single pump system
  • Twin pump system possible
  • Integrated drive (chassis motor and auxiliary drive on fixed superstructures)
  • External drive (separate motor for interchangeable systems and trailers)
  • No trim or full trim
  • Winter heating to approx. -15 degrees Celsius
  • With or without noise protection package
  • Numerous other optional features

Your benefits

  • Robust and low-maintenance design
  • Optimum coordination of pressure and jetting levels
  • Individual designs and special structures
  • A convincing product concept for every application
  • Eco-friendly materials and production processes
  • ISO 9001 quality certification
  • Excellent after-sales support from a nationwide service network