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When it needs to be compact and efficient

Built-in flushers for economical cleaning of pipes and lines in the private and industrial sector



Built-in jetting unit for economical pipeline cleaning

Cleaning work

Blockages often occur at points in small pipes of up to 150 mm nominal diameter, which can usually be resolved with a high-pressure cleaning hose. In such cases, problems often arise with narrow streets in city centres, narrow access to houses and yards, lack of wells in the building or difficult access to the actual pipes (sometimes cleaning openings are only in the downpipes). Therefore, from an economic and practical point of view, it is unreasonable to use large vehicles in such cases.

In addition, legislation prescribes that all sewage connections, both in private homes and in industrial premises, should be checked for leakage potential. This is usually done by visual inspection (camera) or a pressure test (air or water-tightness test). In all cases it must be preceded by thorough cleaning of the pipe due for inspection.

How can cleaning jobs such as:

  • clearing blockages
  • round-the-clock emergency service
  • preliminary cleaning of pipes and connections
  • inspection by camera
  • testing for leaks, and
  • repair of defective pipes

be solved without losing sight of the need to maximise performance and profitability?

Our solution:

We offer compact installations for high-pressure cleaning, based on a rack that can be extended within the modular system in line with customer requirements. An MB Sprinter, MB Vario or VW Crafter etc. can be used as the carrier vehicle. If desired, your high-pressure cleaning unit can be combined with an inspection camera and/or a water-tightness check system.

Optionally, we can also offer an insulated waterproof lining for vans to extend the vehicle life and make it easy to clean.


Our high-pressure cleaning facilities operate with a PTO coupled through the gearbox. On request, the drive can be obtained through a separate motor.

In the gearbox model, the high-pressure pump is driven by the vehicle’s powerful engine. Facilities with this drive system work very quietly and economically, and also have plenty of cargo space. Our compactly designed, very light water tanks and the arrangement of the different components ensure optimal distribution of loads in the vehicle. From an economic point of view, the main advantages are easy maintenance and repair as well as the reduced weight of the cleaning installations. You can choose from different pumping capacities to fit a wide range of applications.

Product features

  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic or stainless-steel tanks with different volumes
  • Conventional piston pump
  • Self-propulsion (chassis engine and PTO)
  • Separate motor optional
  • Belt transmission with pneumatic clutch
  • Optional hydraulic drive
  • Fixed or adjustable hose reel
  • Reel for water-filling hose
  • Regulation of pressure/speed for high-pressure pump
  • Coating of side walls and floor
  • Ergonomic cabinets for tools and clothing with lots of shelves in various designs
  • Static heating for winter
  • Remote control, by cable or radio
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Optional suction and pressure installation
  • Other equipment options

Your benefits

For professional use in pipe-cleaning activities, we offer the following technical characteristics and economic benefits:

  • Robust construction and easy maintenance
  • Optimal alignment of high pressure and cleaning power
  • Choice of different water reservoirs in terms of materials and volumes (dependent on the possibilities offered by the carrier vehicle)
  • Easy to handle (also with remote RF control)
  • Option to combine the high-pressure cleaning unit with an inspection camera or a water-tightness test set
  • Optimum service and technology that has been successfully proven in many projects
  • Wide range of accessories for multiple applications

All this in a single vehicle

The built-in PIPEMASTER jetting unit is more than just a multi-purpose vehicle for economical pipe- cleaning – it also has ample space for tools and accessories. Optionally you can also:

  • inspect the pipelines by camera
  • check the water-tightness of pipes, wells and traps.

We therefore also offer the PIPEMASTER assembly as a combination of cleaning unit and inspection camera and/or a water-tightness test set. Depending on customer requirements, we work with several manufacturers of best-quality camera inspection systems. The water-tightness test system is a proprietary development of MÜLLER.

The benefits of a PIPEMASTER combination are obvious: With a single vehicle you can carry out all the work stages, including the cleaning process, camera inspection with damage documentation or the water-tightness test. So a combination vehicle is a major time saver for a company specialising in waste disposal, whether in private homes or on industrial premises.