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MU Truck4Cam

360° Safety

The new MU Truck4cam offers the operator a birds-eye view of the surroundings when shunting the vehicle or carrying out sewer cleaning operations. This is achieved by positioning four cameras around the vehicle so that the operator can keep an eye on everything and ensure the safety of other persons or pedestrians.

Flexibility all round

Challenging traffic situations require a high degree of concentration. Only occasionally does the operator have enough room to set up the operation site optimally. Problems often begin when shunting the vehicle. Blind spots arise in many situations. Combined with time pressure, this is a dangerous mix and a risk to the safety of your own workforce, your vehicle and other road users.

The MU TRuck4cam transmits a 360° birds-eye view of the vehicle surroundings to a display unit in the driver cab. Four cameras combine to give a complete overview, allowing the driver keep everything around the vehicle in sight and thus avoid dangerous situations. Shunting of the vehicle becomes much easier, whereby an additional camera can be utilised for reversing. This assures convenience and safety.


To enable even more control over your vehicle in the future, we are working on extending the system with the transfer of camera pictures to the display unit. This will mean that the MU TRuck4cam can be used to assist the positioning of the outrigger, thus saving even more time when setting up the site - efficiency made easy!