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However diverse your requirements may be for your mobile office, we will fit out your driver cab to exactly suit your needs. Comfort, efficiency, work safety and hygiene will be second to none. We will turn your driver cab into a home from home - workshop included.

Organisation is an important part of life

Top performance is only possible with a well-organised workplace. We have reviewed all working areas and procedures and optimised ergonomics, safety and performance with regard to your vehicle.

To the right please!

In most cases, the right-hand side of the vehicle is the safest place, away from the traffic. The tool and workshop compartments, a cupboard for clothes as well as many other storage facilities for further vehicle accessories are therefore located on the right-hand side of the vehicle. The configuration options of all popular vehicle chassis allow access to the driver’s seat through the passenger door without any interference from the passenger seat or engine tunnel.

Workshop and nozzles - a place for everything

The workshop compartment shutter opens vertically, offering protection in bad weather when doing any repair work. Optimally positioned floodlighting makes working conditions more comfortable. The workshop compartment allows adequate space for tools, jigs and fittings, spare parts and accessories.

Easy living in the office

You spend long periods of time on the road in your vehicle and occasionally require a place to do the paperwork. This can be done perfectly due to the appropriate configuration of the driver cab. When pushed to the rear of the cab, the passenger seat leaves plenty of room to change clothes, or just to put your legs up. A small table provides a place for a computer, in which the necessary data is available via the vehicle’s Wifi. A perfectly fitted filing cabinet can be included. All this still leaves enough space for a bed – so be best equipped while out on the road.