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MU TankProtect


Our specialist coating, MU TANK PROTECT, consists of double-component epoxide resin. Due to its characteristics, this internal tank coating ensures easy emptying and subsequent cleaning of the tank. Moreover, the coating provides optimal protection against wear and corrosion. The coating can be applied as a supplement at a later date.

Emptying made easy

You know the problem: Suction matter in the sludge tank consists of organic and inorganic materials. The sedimentation thickens increasingly during transport, causing the surface of the tank’s interior walls to become rough and allowing particles to stick to the walls, which in turn can take a lot of effort to remove. MU TankProtect provides a resistant smooth surface to tank interior walls. As with the lotus effect, adherent particles don’t stand a chance because the tank content starts to run off when the tank is opened. If your vehicle is fitted with an emptying piston, it is much easier for the piston to push the waste material from the tank.

Protective function

Due to its characteristics, sewer waste material is very aggressive to the tank. Over time, the sedimentation has an abrasive effect on the tank’s interior surface, resulting in the walls becoming thinner. Abrasions to the tank surface additionally encourage corrosion – a never-ending circle. However, MU TankProtect doesn't allow it to get that far. The resistant smooth coating prevents abrasion and any resulting corrosion. As soon as the protective layer becomes worn, it can be reapplied, leaving the tank as good as new. A perfect protection for your investment.


MU-TankProtect is also available for suction pressure vehicles constructed in accordance with GGVS/ADR regulations. Because it is a matter of reliably transporting liquid waste under regulation, there are special requirements for the tank coating. And incidentally, with regard to this, MU-TankProtect is unique in this sector!